About Royal Pet Spa

Becky Burgoyne is the Owner and Groomer of Royal Pet Spa.

Becky and her dog Winnie

Hello, my name is Becky Burgoyne and I have over 9+ years of grooming experience. I am a member of the Ontario Dog Grooming Association, and a member of many online grooming forums. I am skilled in a wide variety of breed cuts and have the creative capability to give your dog a style all his/her own! I also specialize in cats and offer creative grooming.

I have a salon, Royal Pet Spa in Welland Ontario, where I treat every single animal as my own, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As a Groomer my aim is to keep both you & your pet happy, whether you require a show cut or just want your family pet cleaned and well groomed, you're sure to be more than happy with the services that I provide.

I believe that with care and compassion it creates a happy environment for your furry friend. Creating trust with your pet is important to me, and by showing tenderness builds a relationship that lasts a lifetime and makes each visit stress free.

When it comes to creative grooming, being safe is the top priority. I use products that are completely safe for your animals, when working with your dogs I keep safety and comfort in mind. I have been creatively grooming my dogs for over 4 years with no reactions. Creative Styling is an art-form that combines the love for a dog and the skill & imagination of the groomer. The dogs love the attention they get from looking colorful and special, and the owners love a new look for their furry friend. Of course creative grooming isn't for every owner. There are a wide variety of options in grooming that are available to all customers.

I would to be willing to discuss grooming opportunities with any customer.

I have loyal repeat customers that have followed me since I began grooming. I have established a great clientele and would like to welcome new clients. I am so thankful to have my own business where I get to know my customers on a personal level and get to see them on a regular schedule during their appointments to get them groomed and cleaned.